The Focal Experience

Upright in Action

A pogo stick. A scooter. A Segway. These are all objects Focal Upright products have been compared to at first glance. We get it. Our products do not look like most office furniture. By design, they feel different too.

Watch as these first time Focal users get their lean on.


“Wow. Very comfortable. I’m actually surprised.”

Woman in the Navy Blazer


“Oh yeah! I love it. It even works for short people.”

Woman in the Patterned Scarf


“That is amazing. Yeah baby. Wink.”

The Man at 00:59

Kult Fitness, Business Bay Dubai

As a movement coach who counsels students on making healthier fitness & lifestyle choices, having a desk that allows me to practice what I preach is a priority. Because much of my student work is done standing, I wanted an option that would minimize the unhealthy postural stresses of traditional sitting while allowing for some ‘down time’.

The Focal Upright was exactly what I had envisioned. Sleek and classy, but most of all functional. Even on longer desk bound days, I do not suffer from aches and pains common with regular office set ups. And having worked for over 15 years in a corporate setting, I know exactly how those aches affect productivity. I love my desk and would never choose to go back to sitting rather than perching. - Martine Kerr owner, KULT Fitness.

Healthtrendz, Dubai World Trade Center

I am in LOVE with it! I feel so energized and active the whole day!

Lovely Ranganath, MSc, DHA Licenced Sr. Nutritionist, Healthtrendz.

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Why Work Upright?

Boost energy, reduce back pain, and have more office dance parties.