Why Focal?

Focal promotes an active, collaborative, and open workplace that improves worker health, happiness, productivity, and creativity. When you are working supported by a Focal leaning seat, your posture is relaxed, upright, mobile, and engaged. No matter what “ergonomic benefits” are included in a traditional chair’s design, you are still sitting and experiencing the many negative health implications of this sedentary posture.

Focal’s leaning seats provide a true option for working upright in a natural, neutral posture – we call it the Third Posture. It is essentially the same posture we assume in zero gravity. This indicates minimal stress and pressure on muscular and skeletal systems.The majority (90+%) of sit-stand desks are used exclusively for sitting after 4 weeks (old habits are hard to break!), defeating their claimed health benefits. Standing only, day in and out, is not an option for the vast majority of people.

Sitting disease is a term used to describe the myriad health problems associated with long-term sedentary work and leisure activities. The deleterious effects of sitting on our bodies can begin within minutes. Focal’s body-conscious approach – a neutral spine, open hip angle, and gentle motion – addresses these issues in a simple, easy-to-use way.

Yes! The vast majority of Focal customers enjoy minimal to no break-in or transition time. They report they feel refreshed and energized. It is quite different from making the transition to standing all day. Overwhelming feedback shows users are easily able to work in positions that vary from standing to leaning throughout the entire day. The Focal posture is a supported lean with a neutral spine, so most people simply find it to be more comfortable than sitting all day. Those who do experience a transition time typically report some slight discomfort that dissipates within a few days or, at the most, a few weeks.With our 30-day guarantee, it is easy to try for yourself, risk-free!

No! If you can lean back against a wall, you can use a Focal Upright seat. We all have a certain level of consciousness of our body position – much like when you ride a bike, once you feel it, you aren’t going to tip over.

The Locus Seat is an ideal solution for those who are ready to stop sitting for all those hours at work. Given that we are sedentary for so much of the time already, why not eliminate the sedentary hours at work, when you need to be the most focused, active and engaged? You shouldn’t stop sitting all the time – it would be weird to insist on standing when out to dinner and downright unpopular at a movie theater. But for the record, we have Focal customers who have passed their one year anniversary of upright working and they report they feel “cheated” when they are away from their office and have to sit in a conventional chair to work.

When surveyed, nearly 4 out of 5 people wanted to try an alternative to sitting all day at work. The Focal White Paper covers the evidence of benefits to business in detail. The Take-A-Stand Project offers further details on employee benefits.
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Focal stand up workstations are perfect for anyone who works at a desk and/or on a computer. This includes legal, tech, financial, engineering and medical firms, as well as the creative fields such as architecture, design, and journalism. Focal stand up workstations are perfect in call centers, for data entry, programming, and research. The smaller-footprint Mobis Seat works well in labs, retail, conference rooms, restaurants, and libraries, to name a few places.

Product Information

All seats come with a comfortable EVA closed-cell foam seat cushion. With Locus, the standard seat has a choice of three colors: Black, Chili Pepper, and Citrus. If you want to upgrade to the Nubuck cushion, you will receive the EVA seat cushion upholstered in a synthetic Nubuck. Nubuck is a very soft, sueded Japanese synthetic leather.With Mobis, the seat cushion comes in Black, Chili Pepper, Citrus, and Cobalt. Mogo comes in Black and Chili Pepper. Mobis and Mogo are not available in Nubuck.

The Locus and Sphere Workstation accessories include a Stay Flat Shelf, an iMac Monitor Bracket, Cable Management Tray, LED WorkLight and an Anti-Fatigue Mat.

We offer a simple iMac Bracket for use with iMac and Cinema/Thunderbolt displays. Ideally, this is used with the Stay Flat Shelf, but can also be used on the adjustable desk top. However, the desktop is wooden so should be able to be used with other after-market monitor mounting systems. The Workrite Poise and the Symmetry Office Allure monitor mounting arms both work well with our desks (see below).

No, Focal does not currently offer a monitor arm. The monitor mounting arm featured in our desk demonstration video is the Workrite Poise. We use it with one of the arm extensions removed and attached to our Stay Flat Shelf (it needs to be attached to a flat surface). It is available for single or double monitors. We can also recommend the Symmetry Office Allure for use with tilted desk surfaces and with single or multiple monitors. For iMac, Cinema and Thunderbolt displays, we offer our own iMac Bracket.

The Locus Desk top is 48” wide and Sphere is 78,” so there is room. The best way to arrange multiple monitors would be to use mounting arms to position the monitors at slight angles. Additionally, our Stay Flat Shelf is a great way to attach monitors.

Yes! The light is installed by you, so you can decide which cup holder to remove and replace with the light base.

Yes. The light is installed by you, so you can decide which cup holder to remove and replace with the light base.

Your Locus desk comes with a slightly grippy black synthetic leather work pad. It helps prevent objects rolling off the tilted desk. It is not adhered to the desk and can be removed.

We recommend the optional Cable Management Tray. In addition, each desk comes with small black clips on the back of the desk leg to guide the power cord down to the floor.

Yes! However, the Locus and Mobis Seats can ONLY be used with standing desks. With Locus, just be sure the seat base can fit beneath your standing desk. You’ll need a minimum of 22″ clearance. As long as your work surface is at least 36” high, you can use Focal seats. Many people use Focal seats in order to reclaim the underutilized benefits of their existing standing desks.

No, we do not recommend this. The desks lower to 36,” which is several inches higher than a typical desktop. Focal desks are for standing or leaning only. We promote an upright work style, rather than sitting in a typical office chair.

Yes! The desk top pivots from flat to a 15˚ angle. There are adjustment handles on either side of the desk.

There are two adjustment handles on either side of the desk. These adjust the tilt of the desktop. There is a manual crank in the center of the desk’s cross bar that allows you to gently raise or lower the height of the desktop.

The Locus Seat has two wheels at one end. It can easily be repositioned around your office and adjusted to the desk. The seat can fold for easy storage with folded dimensions of 37” x 25.5” x 14.” Mobis has an integrated handle and weighs just 15 lbs., so is easy to grab and go for a quick collaboration. Mogo is extremely portable, weighing just 2.5 lbs. Fully collapsed, it tucks into your backpack or tote bag.

The Locus and Sphere Workstations occupy about a 20 – 25% smaller footprint than traditional office furniture systems, giving users more room than ever to rock the workday! See specific product dimensions below.

Locus Seat dimensions are: Shortest position: L 37″ x W 25.5″ x H 31″ Tallest position: L 45″ x W 25.5″ x H 41″ The seat can comfortably accommodate a height range of 4′ 11″ to 6′ 8″ and weight up to 300lbs.

Mobis Seat dimensions are: Height: 25 – 35” Base footprint: 16” ellipse The seat’s piston is rated to 300lbs.

Locus Desk dimensions (without shelf) are: Desk top: D 30″ x W 48″ Desk dimensions D 30″ x W 48″ x H 36-48.” Desk top can be angled from flat to 15° The full Locus Workstation (Seat + Desk) fits in a 4’ x 6’ footprint. The desk can comfortably accommodate a height range of 4′ 11″ to 6′ 8″.

Sphere Desk dimensions (without shelf) are: Desk top: D 27″ x W 78″ Desk dimensions D 33″ x W 78″ x H 36-48″ The full Sphere Workstation (Seat + Desk) fits in a 6’ x 6’ footprint Desk top can be angled from flat to 15° The desk can comfortably accommodate a height range of 4′ 11″ to 6′ 8″.

Shopping & Shipping

Yes! We currently offer companies a complimentary 1-month trial. We will deliver and setup the Locus workstation, and can provide survey forms to help collect employee feedback.
Individuals can get in touch with us to schedule a visit to see and try the furniture.

The full warranty is posted on the website here. The simple answer is that we offer a limited lifetime warranty: all moving mechanisms (pistons etc.) are covered for 5 years and all finished surfaces are covered for ten. The exception is the Mogo portable seat, which has a one-year warranty.
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Absolutely! You can reach us on +971-50-283-2020 Sunday through Thursday, 9 am – 5 pm, UAE time. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation by email as well.

We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer. For your convenience, we can arrange to have the payment collected within Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Yes! We provide free delivery and installation within Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Please get in touch to inquire for shipping and delivery rates within the UAE and GCC.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges after your order has been delivered and/or installed.