The Focal Upright Difference

Locus Leaning Seat: AED 3,050


The Perfect Balance Between Sitting and Standing!

You don’t sit on a Focal seat. You lean into it, thereby supporting your body in a relaxed upright position.

The Locus Seat Supports Your Spine’s Natural Alignment

This award-winning ergonomic seat is designed to adjust to every move a person makes, while maintaining equilibrium between the back and abdominal muscles.

The result is an effortlessly active body.

The major muscles are relaxed yet engaged, significantly reducing the risk of “sitting disease” or fatigue brought on by prolonged standing.

Mobis Seat: AED 2,205

Mobis Seat-blue cushion, right 3-4 view clear (1)

The Mobis Seat is the lighter, grab-and-go version of the award-winning Locus Seat.

It offers the ideal level of upright support for those at the office, medical facilities, retail, or anywhere it’s important to keep your energy up and your thoughts focused.

A perfect partner for any standing desk, this lean-into, adjustable height, pivoting stool was designed for people who need to have as much energy at 4PM as they did at the start of the day.

Mogo Seat: AED 430

Mogo Seat-blk cushion, extended clear

Mogo is designed to let you take your upright lifestyle with you wherever you roam — indoors or out. It’s a lightweight portable seat, ready to support you in any setting. Mogo will support you at the sideline of the soccer field on a Saturday morning, or relaxing on a warm summer evening at a music festival. Mogo is right at home in the conference room too, allowing all those outside-the-box ideas to fly. At just two pounds, it is fully collapsible to fit into your tote bag or strap to your backpack.

Sphere Standing Desk: AED 8,390


The Sphere Standing Desk was designed with all the features of the Locus desk plus a 40% larger work surface. Designed with your workflow in mind, the curve of the expansive desktop keeps all your work needs in view and in reach, and adjusts both its height and incline to suit your work style.

Used with the iconic Locus or Mobis*Link Seat, you’ll enjoy the option to stand or lean in comfort as you work. This sleek, streamlined design looks and performs beautifully in any setting.

Locus Standing Desk: AED 6,185


Designed for the digital age. It’s time your office desk adapted to you!

The Locus Workstation is an ergonomic standing desk that is both height and incline adjustable, enabling you to easily customize it for your workspace and work style.

Used with the Locus or Mobis* Links to product Seat, you’ll enjoy all of the health advantages of a standing desk, while your body settles into a comfortable leaning position that effortlessly supports your body.

Confluence 6: AED 13,250


The Confluence 6 is Focal Upright’s height-adjustable conference table designed for medium to large teams. Companies that have adopted upright meetings are discovering that their sessions are shorter, more focused, and more productive. Upright employees report feeling more engaged and creative. The Confluence 6 can be used alone for standing meetings or with one of Focal’s upright seating options. It’s also a great option for those in need of an extra large standing desk.

Confluence 6 Bundle: AED 24,730


The Confluence 6 Bundle includes one Confluence height-adjustable table and six dynamic Mobis seats – keeping energy levels up and ideas flowing.

The Confluence table can be used alone for standing meetings or with the Mobis and Mogo seats to give employees both standing and active leaning options.

Put Confluence in your collaboration space and empower your employees to think on their feet!


The Sphere Bundle: AED 14,665

The Sphere bundle is designed for the empowered executive. The Bundle includes the iconic Locus Seat with Anti-Fatigue Mat, Sphere Desk, Sphere Shelf, Cable Management Tray, LED Worklight, and iMac Bracket. The Sphere Bundle works beautifully in executive offices, corporate offices, home offices, and more.

“My Focal Upright workstation has had an amazing impact on the way I think and the way I feel while in the office.”

Thom Lytle, Director of Social Business at EMC Corporation


The Locus Bundle Pro: AED 12,020

The Locus Workstation is designed with your workflow in mind; it’s functional, it’s adaptable, and sleek. The bundle includes the iconic Locus Seat, Anti-Fatigue Mat, Locus Desk, Locus Shelf, Cable Management Tray, and LED Worklight. The Locus Bundle Pro works beautifully in corporate offices, home offices, and more.

“This is the best thing since the invention of the hot tub…I am a big fan…I believe this is literally going to change the way we work.”

Dr. Gary Gray, MD


Locus Bundle: AED 9,680

The Locus Bundle is a bold take on the traditional workstation, adding an energizing element to any space. The Bundle includes the iconic Locus Seat, Anti-Fatigue Mat, and Locus Desk. The Locus Bundle works beautifully in corporate offices, home offices, and more.

“I have been amazed and thrilled at the difference my Focal Upright Workstation makes for me. I don’t develop back pain and can work considerably longer without any problems.”

Kevin Soden, MD, MPH


Anti-Fatigue Mat: AED 445

The Anti-Fatigue mat is designed to add an extra layer of comfort to your Locus Seat, taking stress off your feet and ankles.

LED Light: AED 790

The LED Light illuminates your workspace, increasing contrast and reducing overall eye strain.

Cable Management Tray

Cable Management Tray: AED 445

The Cable Management Tray liberates you from all that cable clutter. Made of powder-coated bent steel, the cable management tray keeps all of your cables tidy and organized.

iMac Bracket

iMac Bracket: AED 220

The iMac Bracket keeps your monitor in place simply and securely. Made of powder-coated bent steel, the iMac Bracket works with iMac computers, Thunderbolt and Cinema displays.

Locus Desk Fixed Shelf, walnut

Locus Shelf: AED 1,105

The Locus Shelf provides a level surface, even when the desk is at full tilt. Keep your water bottle, papers, and knickknacks in place.

Sphere Desk Fixed Shelf_walnut

Sphere Shelf: AED 1,325

The Sphere Shelf gives even more space for your monitors, trinkets, and trophies. It stays level even your when desk is at full tilt.

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